I’m still not sure whether I believe in UFOs or not. A friend once said that NOT believing in extra-terrestrials was plain arrogance. The idea that we are the ONLY intelligent beings in this vast Universe is conceited.

The more I read about UFO, the (slightly) more convinced I am. It’s people’s reports of sightings and encounters that really interest me. The witnesses’ photographs are often taken in obscure places and are disappointingly inadequate. So, when I created my own ‘sightings’, I decided they had to be hyper-real. There would be no mistake that you had seen a UFO!

I took the panoramic landscapes using my Nikon D850 or my DJI Drone. I ‘stitched’ the landscape photographs in Photoshop and Lightroom, then prepared the scene for a flyover. I created the UFOs using Midjourney, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) text-to-image program. Then, the real work began, trying to blend the UFO into the cityscape to end up with a credible image.